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Fostering positive employee relations


    Address emerging trends in employment law by implementing best practices on wage and hour, disability issues and bullying in the workplace.

  • Training

    All of our trainings are conducted on company premises by experienced attorney presenters.


    California law AB 1825 requires companies with 50 or more employees (including F/T, P/T and contractors) to provide training on the prevention of sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation to all supervisory employees. Training must be done every two years or within six months of a supervisory hiring or promotion.


HR Solutions Group recognizes that a company’s best —and costliest— resource is its staff.

HR Solutions Group acts as a business partner for your company’s managers and employees to provide the tools they need to be productive and create a respectful workplace. Where an employer invests in fostering positive employee relations, productivity increases, employee turn-over decreases and fewer lawsuits result.

We specialize in ensuring compliance with all employment laws while providing HR best practices for your growing business.